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David has worked in the citizenship and residence industry for several years, with a background in working in startups that have commercialized into successful businesses in South Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

David's keen interest in global macroeconomics and policies relating to immigration and citizenship has given him a deep understanding of providing solutions for multiple stakeholders involved.

Based in Dubai, David works on onboarding new companies and institutions for the Global Talent HQA program. He is also responsible for managing the development of new residence programs and fostering relationships with public and private partners in Portugal.
International business development director
World Talents

Hugo is an economist with an extensive background in international cooperation projects. He specializes in business development, national and international financing programs, business development, and licensing.

His profound knowledge and dedication empower entrepreneurs to thrive in both national and international arenas.

Hugo holds a position of Head of Division at the Division of Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Transfer in the University of Algarve, and acts a board member in several regional associations, acting on regional development and innovation.
David Bonellie
Head of division
Hugo Barros
Through his commitment to effective communication and collaborative partnerships, António Guerreiro has been building strategic bridges between tech startups, top talent, and visionary investors.

His expertise lies in implementing and managing projects both in the technology and innovation space and in the entertainment and hospitality industries in Europe and the US.

Since 2015, António has been devoted to developing the Portuguese startup ecosystem not only as co-founder of a startup, but also as a member of ideation and acceleration programmes and national competitions as a participant, mentor and jury.

Communication advisor and serial entrepreneur
antónio guerreiro
Miguel is passionate about the digital world and building successful digital technology ventures in a systematic manner. He is a serial global tech entrepreneur and founder of Dengun, ActivBookings, and Hotel Digital Strategy.

Miguel is also a founder and president of Algarve Evolution, which is one of the main drivers of the Algarve Tech Hub ecosystem. It aims to bring local stakeholders together and add value to the entrepreneurs and talent in order to promote and encourage the technological and economical growth of the region.

Miguel studied Computer Science at the University of Algarve.
Founder and president
Algarve Evolution
Miguel Fernandes
Tiago has dedicated his career to supporting startups, entrepreneurship, and innovations. He is a managing director at Sines Tecnopolo, where he oversees the association’s marketing strategy and activities.

Sines Tecnopolo is a Portuguese science park that specializes in promoting, developing, and supporting entrepreneurship. It is linked with two public universities, two public polytechnics and the Sines Municipality and recognized by the largest European entrepreneurship and innovation network (EBN) as Business Innovation Center (BIC) Alentejo. With more than 40 SMEs installed, Sines Tecnopolo has the largest business incubator in the Alentejo Coast.

Tiago has an extensive background in managing innovative projects and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, helping turning ideas into thriving businesses. He has a BsC in Economics and MsC in Innovation Economics and Entrepreneurship from the University of Algarve.
Slava Apel is the CEO of Startup Visa Services in Canada and has been a part of the Canadian startup ecosystem for over 20 years. As a startup expert, Mr. Apel works with immigration firms assisting their clients with business documentation and training required for business immigration.

His has an impressive experience consulting businesses, government, and public institutions. Slava is a speaker, trainer, author of several business books, and a business advisor in 16 countries.

Managing director
Sines Tecnopolo
Startup Visa Services
Slava Apel
Bernardo is a сo-founder and managing director at World Talents Portugal. His main responsibilities include establishing partnerships, growing the business locally and internationally, and ensuring the top-notch customer service.

Former professional athlete, Bernardo traveled the world competing on the ATP Tour across all continents. He was a member of the Portuguese National Team and Olympic Committee.

Bernardo graduated with a Bachelor's degree in International Business from the University of San Francisco and has years of experience helping Silicon Valley startups expand to Europe and consulting international entrepreneurs on fundraising and conquering the US market.
Co-founder and
managing director
World Talents Portugal

Timur is a founder and managing director at World Talents. With over 10 years of experience in investment migration service, he has supported over a hundred of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) from various regions looking to move and invest in foreign jurisdictions.

Timur strongly believes that by transferring knowledge and talent across the globe and centers of innovation and providing researchers and startup founders with necessary resources, his team creates economic opportunities and benefits the society.

Before founding World Talents, he worked in international law and migration companies among which were Discus Holdings and GH Canfields LLP and consulted clients on tax and investment migration opportunities.
Bernardo Saraiva
World Talents,
Timur Sitdikov